Ketamine Therapy

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  • I can't even begin to explain the change in my life. Never in the last 17 years pumped full of pills have I ever been just a normal human being that I am now after the Ketamine Care Clinic's unbelievable infusion treatment. Glad tomorrow is another day for once.
    PTSD survivor
  • Jackie is caring and truly wants to help relieve pain, depression and anxiety. This is an amazing process. Thank you Jackie...for giving me my life back”    
    Chronic Pain, Depression and Anxiety Survivor
  • CRPS survivor
    I suffer from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Jackie has not only provided this treatment, which has exceeded my expectations, but also given me hope that there is a way I can live my life to the fullest. This treatment is something I would highly recommend to others who are seeking relief and hope. I feel more like myself now.  
    CRPS Survivor

As a North Dakota native with more than 15 years of experience in medicine, Jacqueline (Jackie) Materi APRN, CRNA, is board certified by the NBCRNA and was trained at Mayo Clinic’s School of Health Sciences Nurse Anesthesia Program in Rochester, Minnesota.

Her goal is to help you feel happy and healthy again. Through ketamine therapy, you’ll be able to decrease or eliminate narcotic use and dependence so you can go back to living a quality life.

Ketamine Therapy:
From a Patient’s Perspective

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