Exciting announcement to make!

Ketamine Care Clinic has an exciting announcement to make! Our founder, Jacqueline Materi APRN, CRNA is soon to be a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner! She is very excited to offer psychiatric services to Ketamine Care Clinic in the near future and expand the practice abilities to help the mental health of North Dakota! With the lack of access to mental healthcare and an increasing need in our community, Jackie is excited to be the first ND resident to attend the prestigious Frontier Nursing University’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program! In the near future, we will be adding additional services to better serve our patients.


 Note concerning Covid 19 or better known as Corona Virus: We will continue to offer often times, lifesaving, ketamine infusions in the clinic. However, we will be modifying some elements of our practice to keep our patients and staff protected. These elements will be discussed in further detail with individual patients. Please contact us with any questions at 701-471-5524.

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