We put the "CARE" in Ketamine

We find multiple uses of ketamine according to a plethora of studies. Ketamine can be utilized to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD as well as pain conditions such as migraines, fibromyalgia and CRPS.

Even newer studies find Ketamine as a treatment option for alcohol use disorder

No matter the reason for seeking treatment, know that Ketamine Care Clinic has your best interest in mind. We want our patients the thrive past their chronic illnesses, not to be defined by them. We offer treatment in a safe, comfortable, medical setting with board Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologists at your side. You are monitored in a relaxing environment that offers a collaborative effort between you and your personal doctor. 

At Ketamine Care Clinic we offer weighted blankets, choice of music in noice canceling headphones, relaxing videos, essential oil diffusers, dimmiing lights and massage function in our treatment recliners. 

This year marks our THIRD year of providing life changing infusion treatments. We are the FIRST ketamine clinic to North Dakota and have provided hundreds of treatments for all listed indications. Our patients are our number one priority. We look forward to seeing you at Ketamine CARE Clinic Bismarck and Fargo. 

Call or email us to schedule a private, no obligation consultaiton today. 

Jackie Materi Founder and owner of the Ketamine Care Clinic

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