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Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health conditions in the United States, and about 10-30% of cases don’t respond to treatment. Board-certified nurse anesthetist Jacqueline Materi, APRN, CRNA, offers relief from treatment-resistant depression at two Ketamine Care Clinic locations in Fargo and Bismarck, North Dakota. Call the clinic nearest you, or book an appointment online today to learn more about ketamine infusion therapy for depression.

Depression Q & A

What is depression?

Depression, also called major depressive disorder, affects more than 17 million adults and 3 million adolescents in the United States every year. Symptoms of depression affect the way you think, feel, and behave, often disrupting daily activities like sleeping, eating, and going to work. 

At its worst, depression can lead to thoughts of suicide. If you’re thinking about or planning suicide, know that Ketamine Care Clinic offers hope in the form of fast-acting relief from treatment-resistant depression and suicidality. If you think you may harm yourself right now, go to the nearest emergency room or call your mental health provider immediately. 

What treatments for depression are available?

Standard treatments for depression include psychotherapy, medications, or a combination of both. However, as many as 30% of people who try various types of medications don’t experience adequate relief. Additionally, antidepressant medications take several weeks to start working and often cause intolerable side effects, such as nausea. 

How does ketamine treat depression?

Unlike antidepressants, ketamine offers relief from severe symptoms of depression within hours of your first treatment. Safely used as an anesthetic for decades, ketamine also forms new, healthy pathways in your brain that encourage a positive mood. 

Ketamine Care Clinic provides two forms of ketamine therapy:

Ketamine infusion therapy

This method delivers a ketamine infusion intravenously while you relax in a comfortable chair for 1-4 hours. Ketamine infusion therapy uses a mixture of the two ketamine molecules, R and S ketamine. This form of ketamine is only FDA-approved as an anesthetic.

Spravato™ nasal spray

Spravato is a nasal spray that contains a form of ketamine (esketamine) that uses only the S molecule. Spravato is an FDA-approved treatment for depression. 

What should I expect from ketamine treatment for depression?

First, your Ketamine Care Clinic provider performs a comprehensive evaluation and physical exam. They communicate with your mental health provider to make sure ketamine therapy is right for you. Then, they develop an individualized treatment plan. 

Both ketamine infusion therapy and Spravato treatment take place in the clinic. You can’t take Spravato nasal spray at home or anywhere other than a certified treatment center like Ketamine Care Clinic. 

Many people experience a dramatic improvement in their depression symptoms after one treatment, but multiple sessions are usually necessary to achieve the best results. Your Ketamine Care Clinic provider may recommend you use MoodMonitor to track your response to ketamine and better collaborate with your mental health provider. 

Call the Ketamine Care Clinic location nearest you or book an appointment online today to find relief from treatment-resistant depression.