Depression Treatment in Bismarck, ND

Studies have shown that Ketamine infusions can successfully treat the symptoms of chronic depression with results you can feel just hours after treatment. Ketamine triggers glutamate production causing the brain to form new pathways giving patients an opportunity to develop more positive thoughts. [Source] For patients who continue to suffer from depression or side effects of traditional medication, Ketamine therapy can be a successful treatment to provide relief. 

Brain scans completed on patients treated with ketamine infusions show that ketamine rapidly induces synaptogenesis, which is a regrowth of neurons in the body. Ketamine rapidly reverses synaptic loss caused by stress and depression, and causes functional reconnection of neurons. 

There is hope. Ketamine can help.

Our Therapy
In the 1970’s, Ketamine was FDA approved as an anesthetic. It is considered a safe and effective medication found to reverse damage to parts of the body from injury, stress and depression. Ketamine corrects chemical imbalances in the brain promoting relief from pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Ketamine also blocks pain receptors in the brain and spinal cord.
What to Expect
After your initial consultation, a treatment plan is put together based upon your diagnosis and goals of treatment. During the Ketamine infusion, patients sit in a comfortable chair while the solution is delivered through an IV. Patients are awake during treatment and many feel sleepy during and after the treatment. Depending on your treatment plan, the therapy can take 1-4 hours.
Prices start at $299 for treatment. After your initial consultation, your treatment plan will lay out suggested sessions and pricing depending on your diagnosis. Ketamine Care Clinic offers easy, affordable payment options through Advance Care.

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